Movable Type Magazine

slated for spring ~Summer 2019

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an online magazine unlike any other. 

There are so many awesome literary journals & magazines featuring the best of the best in established & emerging literary circles & of course, we're fans of the stunning work being produced today & we hope to be published in such publications. That being said, Movable Type Magazine is interested in highlighting & amplifying voices that are actively being silenced, erased & banned by oppressive systems of white heteropatriarchy/supremacy––voices that are often overlooked or simply forgotten. Even worse, sometimes these marginalized voices are fetishized & glamorized for their suffering––their otherness––& we find this to be completely unacceptable.

We believe poetry [or any other form of human expression] shouldn't be viewed solely from an ivory tower. Academia is exclusive; we strive to be inclusive. It is our opinion that the true "canon" is presently being written when a multitude of voices are welcomed into the fold & English is not deemed the primary language. Poetry no longer belongs to dead white men. No more one-off "special" POCI-only or Prison Writers featured issues. We honor truth-telling over MFA-workshopped polish. We seek urgency & authenticity above anything else. Our goal is to offer an open & safe place where all marginalized voices can be showcased & celebrated for their unique perspectives & stories. 

Due to the precarious circumstances in which many of our writers find themselves [i.e. incarcerated people do not have have access to the Internet, mail is often restricted or costly], we will keep Movable Type Magazine loose & malleable. We are working with several organizations & individuals to get the word out while figuring out the best ways to do their work justice. We're not exactly sure how this will look or how the submissions process will be structured since these marginalized writers are without many of the comforts we take for granted. We also acknowledge some of the most amazing poetry is spoken & not written just for the page. Please stay tuned for our first issue, which we hope to launch by Spring or Summer of 2019. If you are someone with access to writers in prisons, detention centers, mental institutions, etc. outside Minnesota, please get in touch. We want this to be an open dialogue & a place for us to be truly connected.


fun fact about 'movable type'

The first metal, movable type printing press was invented by Koreans during the Goryeo Dynasty [around 1230]. This led to the printing of the The Jikji in 1377 [seen below] – the world's oldest existing, movable metal type, printed book. The Jikji, [written by the Buddhist monk Baegun, between 1298-1374], is a collection of analects by the most revered Buddhist monks throughout history & was created as a guide for students of Buddhism – then Korea's national religion. Google it.